Blood Transfusion Services
Safe blood transfusion is a critical aspect of health care that helps in reducing morbidity and mortality. Voluntary Blood Donation (VBD) is the foundation for safe and quality Blood Transfusion Service. The State of Uttarakhand is committed to promote safe blood transfusion services through its blood banks and is also taking all possible initiatives to increase VBD, which is 90% of the total collection in the year 2013-14 and 91.31% in the year 2014 (April-Oct.).

There are a total of 26 blood banks in the State of Uttarakhand (State Govt -17, Central Govt - 03, Private - 05 and PPP mode - 01). Doon Hospital has Model Blood Bank along with Blood Component Separation Unit (BCSU). Three other Major blood banks have BCSUs which are IMA Blood Bank at Dehradun, blood banks at Sushila Tiwari Medical College, Haldwani and HIHT, Jollygrant, Dehradun. All efforts are being made to promote Rational Use of Blood and its Components.


Four special events

1. International Thalassemia Day - 8th May
2. World Donor Day - 14th June
3. NBVD Day - 1st October
4. Youth Day - 12th Januar are also organised every year with the motive of promoting Voluntary Blood Donation and also to honor individuals and organizations involved in this activity. This is to ensure adequate availabitity of safe and clean blood in Blood Banks by sensitizing general public and increasing awareness about VBD.

List of Blood Banks

List of NACO Blood Banks